Natural Sodium Bentonite
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The European supplier of high quality Wyoming natural sodium Bentonite


Bentonite Performance Minerals

Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC (BPM) owns large reserves excellent quantity and quality natural sodium Bentonite reserves in Wyoming. With a variety of natural sodium Bentonite qualities, BPM bentonite covers a wide spread of specialized markets. Wyoming Bentonites in Europe are used as standalone or used in blends to upgrade specific properties.

Cebo International is the distributor of Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC for Europe and surrounding countries. The first modern producer of natural Sodium Bentonite in Wyoming, Bentonite Performance Minerals (BPM), began its history in 1928 with mining and processing this high quality natural Sodium Bentonite. Cebo International imports large volumes of Wyoming Bentonite grades for specialized applications such as wine/liquid clarification, water treatment, foundry, ceramics, organophilic clays, superior quality cat litter, GCL production etc. Cebo International offers both processed as crude crushed and dried Wyoming Bentonite qualities from stock.


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