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Fann Instrument Company

Fann Instrument Company designs and manufactures instruments for measuring the physical and chemical properties of fluids, especially the measurement of flow and viscosity. Based in Houston, Texas, Fann Instrument Company has been the leading supplier of quality instruments for oilfield testing and analysis since 1939. 

The Fann Instrument Company product line is the most comprehensive offering of instruments, accessories, test kits, portable laboratories for testing drilling fluids, completion fluids, fracturing fluids, oilfield cements, and industrial slurries. Also, reagents, supplies, and replacement parts are supplied through a worldwide distribution system.

Many of the instruments and test kits are designed to conform to the testing standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), and are suitable for field and laboratory use. Others are designed to meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as well as other technical specification groups.

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