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Special Foundations

A well-engineered Bentonite slurry is an indispensable part of a smooth diaphragm wall, trenching or vertical cut-off wall job. Cebo offers high range Bentonite for special foundations applications.

Cebogel CE
Cebogel CE is a specially selected sodium activated Bentonite. Cebogel CE has a high water absorption capacity which makes it very effective in several industrial applications. Cebogel CE can also be used in civil technical applications as in diaphragm- and slurry walls, as well as a semi-finished industrial product.

Cebogel CE Plus
Cebogel CE Plus is a 100% activated sodium Bentonite which has undergone a special treatment. The outstandingly high water absorption capacity makes Cebogel CE Plus very effective in several industrial applications as in supporting filler, emulsifier and/or thickener. Cebogel CE Plus suspension has a high carrying capacity which makes it suitable as drilling slurry for tunnelling, carried out in accordance with the hydro-shield method.

Cebogel Trenchcontrol
Cebogel Trenchcontrol is a 100% sodium activated Bentonite which is characterized by rapid sealing of the trench walls and a low filtrate water loss. Cebogel Trenchcontrol is also extremely suitable for cement/Bentonite.


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