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Lining & Waterproofing Technologies

High quality Bentonite is used in the production of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs). Cebo offers Bentonite qualities covering required specifications.

Cebogel ING-GCL  
Cebogel ING-GCL is a specially selected, activated sodium Bentonite. Cebogel ING-GCL has a high water absorption capacity capable of binding the water and creating a very low permeability.

Cebogel CE
Cebogel CE complies with the CUR 33 recommendation (granular layers). Cebogel CE has a high water absorption capacity which makes sand-bentonite mixes capable of binding water and creating a very low permeability.

BARA-KADE® 200 mesh
BARA-KADE® 200 mesh is an untreated high purity Wyoming sodium Bentonite. BARA-KADE® 200 mesh is primarily used as a binder and rheological modifier and has been specially selected for environmental applications such as soil sealing.

Cebogel QSE-300
Cebogel QSE-300 is composed of granulated Bentonite made of 100% sodium activated Bentonite. A characteristic of Cebogel QSE-300 is its considerable water absorption capacity, which allows it to swell up considerably when in contact with water.


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