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Biodegradable Polymer Cebo IPR-246

Cebo IPR-246 is a high yield biodegradable fluid system based on natural non-toxic polymers and therefore non-toxic. Cebo IPR-246 provides high viscosity, excellent carrying capacity, low filtration loss and strong clay and shale inhibition. Cebo IPR-246 can be used as a single-product solution in various drilling applications, especially to be used in situations where clay-based drilling fluids are restricted.

Effective at low concentrations
Cebo IPR-246 generates higher viscosities at lower mixing ratios, compared to bentonite based drilling fluid systems. This makes Cebo IPR-246 a cost effective solution.

Minimises formation damage
Improved borehole stability due to its effective hole cleaning properties, tight filter-cake build-up, high Transport / suspension characteristics and its improved clay and shale stabilization.

Low disposal costs
Cebo IPR-246 can be broken down chemically with addition of calcium hypochlorite, making all suspended solids settling down onto the bottom of the mixing tank.

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