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High Pressure Hose Assemblies

Cebo UK, in association with Copper State Rubber, offer a wide range of High Pressure Hose Assemblies for use in Well Drilling Operations.

Copper State Rubber has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-pressure hoses and has the capability and flexibility to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry.

Copper State's Choke & Kill Hoses and drilling hoses are manufactured as a single unit to specified lengths, with all the end couplings, built-in as an integral part of the hose. Hoses are vulcanized with the end fittings in place and cured as one integral unit and before shipment they are tested as a single unit. This system assures better quality control and the built-in couplings prevent flexing fatigue at the hose ends.

Available products include:

  • Super "Choke and Kill" Hose
  • Regular "Choke and Kill" Hose
  • Special Well Service Hose for General - Rig Use
  • Full-Flo Rotary Hose Coupling
  • Rotary Drilling Hose
  • Decoking Hose
  • Motion Compensator Hoses
  • Stainless Steel Lined Non-Permeable Flexible Flow Lines
  • Top Drive Blower Hose
  • Fire Resistant Flexible Jumper Lines for Oil and Gas Production Systems

Cebo UK offers inspection and re-certification of bulk hose assemblies and Rotary high pressure hoses. In-house pressure test facilities are available for low and high pressure hoses.




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