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Bentonite API & OCMA

Bentonites are used as viscosifiers in drilling fluids. Cebo delivers different products meeting the API and OCMA specifications. 

Bentonite API

Bentonite API can be used in O&G well drilling as well as in HDD. The basis for Cebo Bentonite API is a high-quality sodium Bentonite from a Mediterranean source. A characteristic is the low YP/PV ratio.

Bentonite Wyoming API                                                                  
Bentonite Wyoming API is a high-quality sodium Bentonite from Wyoming (U.S.A.). Cebo Wyoming API is used to produce drilling fluid for use in oil- and gas well drilling and in horizontal directional drilling.

Bentonite OCMA
Cebo OCMA bentonite is a specially selected sodium activated bentonite and complies with the OCMA specifications as laid down for oil drilling. Cebo OCMA is an all-round drilling Bentonite, has a low fluid loss and is easy to recycle and therefore has an outstanding price - quality ratio.


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