Fluid Power

Bulk Load Hose Assemblies are manufactured for use primarily in the Oil and Gas offshore industry, for the delivery of a wide range of bulk liquids and powders between supply vessels and drilling rigs/ platforms.

A wide range of Hose End Couplings (including Hammer Lug Unions, Flanges, Camlock Couplings, Dry-Break Couplings and Breakaway Couplings) and Accessoiries (Hose Lifters, Clamps, Adaptors, Reducers and Flotation Collars) are used in the manufacture of Bulk Hose Assemblies in the range generally from 2 - 5 inches.

Cebo UK offers a wide range of High Pressure Hose Assemblies for use in Well Drilling Operations.

Cebo UK offers many Tanker Load Hose Services associated with Large Bore Hose Assemblies (usually up to 20 inch) used in the Offshore Loading of Tankers from Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facilities.



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