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Oilwell Cements & Additives

Oilwell Cements supplied by Cebo are primarily used in the process of mixing a slurry with cement, water and additives. Cebo delivers Oilwell Cements in bulk from its silo storage plants in IJmuiden, Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth and Peterhead.

Oilwell Cements

  • CCB Pozzocemoil
  • CCB and Dyckerhoff API Monogrammed Class G Cements
  • Dyckerhoff API Monogrammed Rapid Hardening Class C Cement

Oilwell Cement Blends

  • Class G Cement with Silica
  • Class C Cement with Ultralite

Cementing Additives

  • Bentonite
  • Ceramic Spheres
  • Fluid Loss
  • Retarder
  • Silica Flour
  • Viscosifier
  • Thinner
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