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Wind Energy

The current economy is pushing for more environmentally friendly solutions. One of the biggest solutions for energy is wind power. The power cables used to transfer the power from the windmills to the network are exerting a lot of heat. This heat will interfere with the flow of power through the cable. This means a significant loss. By using one of the Cebo Conduct-Gels, the heat transfer from the cable to the surrounding soil is improved.

Cebo Holland developed four different Conduct Gels for this application. Our Conduct Gels offer several advantages:

  • Easy to pump. One of our customers pumped it over 1.5 km
  • Easy to mix in a standard mud mixing system
  • Stiffens up like a thick gel. Therefore, power cable can be removed at a later stage
  • Low weight suspension
  • Minimal dilution with water present in the duct
  • No water/product separation

Cebo Holland offers the following Conduct Gels:

Product   Thermal conductivity   Thermal resistance
Cebo Conduct-Gel 1.0 1,05 W/m◦K 0,95 m*K/W
Cebo Conduct-Gel 1.3 1,25 W/m◦K 0,80 m*K/W
Cebo Conduct-Gel 1.5 1,43 W/m◦K 0,70 m*K/W
Cebo Conduct-Gel 2.0 2,00 W/m◦K 0,50 m*K/W
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