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Agriculture Market

Cebo offers specialized Bentonite qualities for use in agriculture applications, animal feed and as cat litter. As a main supplier to the agricultural market Cebo is GMP+ certified for the assurance of feed safety in all the links of the feed chain.

Bentonite is used as an animal feed supplement, as a pelletizing aid in the production of animal feed pellets, as well as a free flowing aid for unconsolidated feed ingredients such as soy meal. Besides this, Bentonite functions as a substance for reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins. Because aflatoxins affinities with Bentonite, small amounts are added to animal feed to stimulate reduction in the animals system. Cebo processes several raw Bentonites to end products based on efficiency of aflatoxins binding capacity.

The high CEC (Cation-Exchange-Capacity) makes Bentonite a highly effective additive for improvement and conditioning of the soil.
Bentonite can also be used as component in substrates. Bentonite is used to "fine" or remove undesirable compounds from wine and juice. Cebo offers a high quality natural sodium Bentonite in accordance with the Oenological Codex.

In many other applications Bentonite is used, or can be an effective mineral, in biogas production, waste water treatment, livestock stalls, paddocks etc. Cebo also offers different grades of cat litter including natural sodium Bentonite as top range quality.


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