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Civil engineering Market

A wide range of civil engineering applications make use of Bentonite as a process or functional additive. Cebo offers a range of well selected Bentonite qualities to meet specific customer’s needs. This enables customers to utilize our products successfully. To stimulate the performance of Bentonite, specialized additives and polymers, compatible with our Bentonite qualities are offered.

The unique properties of Bentonite make it suitable for the use of construction of diaphragm walls and piling. The Bentonite platelets can seal the wall during extrication of a diaphragm wall preventing collapse of the trench. Cebo offers Bentonite qualities based on low fluid loss properties for superior stabilization.

As grout additive, Bentonite has excellent filling and sealing properties making it capable of creating a low permeable cut-off wall. The unique sealing properties of Bentonite are also widely used in Bentonite based geo synthetic clay liners (GCLs) which are used to create horizontal water barriers. Functional and process additives to enhance our bentonite products are offered in applications such as diaphragm & slurry walls, piling and GCLs. 



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