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Energy Market

Cebo is a major supplier of minerals, oil well cements and other chemicals to Oil & Gas and Geothermal operations. From our production site in The Netherlands and our facilities in the UK, we supply our customers’ operations 24/7. Cebo operates two dry-bulk vessels equipped with silos to transport Baryte, Bentonite and oil well cements to our customers.

Cebo is committed to deliver high quality minerals, chemicals and services to our customers. Our quality control ensures that our minerals, chemicals, additives and services are of a consistently high quality. Baryte and Bentonite are the original components that form part of most drilling fluids to control weight and viscosity.

In addition to these minerals we deliver a huge variety of different drilling fluid products such as commodity chemicals, fluid-loss additives, lost circulation materials, viscosifiers and salts. Over the years Cebo has also established a range of different specialized services. Cebo is well recognized in the market for their Bulk Hose Assemblies, Hose Couplings and Tanker Load Hose Services.


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