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Bentonite and Baryte are versatile minerals which can be used as functional and performance additives in a wide range of products and processes in different industries. Cebo offers a range of well selected Bentonite and Baryte products to meet these specific customer’s needs.

Cebo's premium quality natural sodium Bentonite is effective for use in water treatment and the foundry industry. Cebo ultra-fine Bentonite is used as fixation and as retention & draining agent in the paper industry. The unique water absorption capacity of Bentonite makes it extremely useful as component in rubber products. Bentonite’s binding capacity makes it an effective additive in iron ore pelletizing. Cebo Bentonite is used to enhance rheological properties of emulsions such as paint and bitumen. Cebo ultra-fine Baryte products are successful being used in the automotive, plastics and flooring industry.



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