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Industrial Drilling Market

There is a wide variety of different applications within Industrial Drilling. They all have in common that they want to stabilize the ground formations in which they are working in. To achieve this goal, there is a need for a variety of different drilling fluid additives.

Viscosifiers, Filtration control agents, Clay stabilizers, Lost Circulation Materials, lubricants, surfactants and thinners are all types of fluid additives to stabilize formations. These additives are widely used in Drilling and Tunnelling applications like Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Vertical drilling applications, Core Drilling and Micro Tunnelling.

Cebo does not only supply the additives used in drilling fluids, but also the materials to finalize projects. Grouts and swelling clay pellets can be used as a sealant for different applications. Even thermal grouts are available for use in Geothermal applications but also to fill up ducts around high voltage power cables to transfer heat. The technical engineers at Cebo are available to train, advice and assist on all type of projects and applications.

Baroid IDP
In 2005 Cebo Holland became master distributor of Baroid IDP (Industrial Drilling Products) for the European and Eastern region.

Baroid IDP was one of the first drilling fluid companies to apply its vast knowledge of drilling fluids to the industrial drilling industry. Backed by the strength of a worldwide distribution network, extensive quality control from mine site to packaging, and a research and development laboratory, Baroid IDP is a manufacturer and supplier dedicated to surpassing customers' needs.

The comprehensive Baroid IDP product line guarantees improved drilling performance and superior expertise in well site service.


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