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New Product - Conductive Gels

Power cables which are being used to transfer the power from the windmills to the network, are exerting a lot of heat. This heat will interfere with the flow of power through the cable. This means a significant loss. By using one of the Cebo Conduct-Gels, the heat transfer from the cable to the surrounding soil is improved.

With its unique composition, Cebo Conduct-Gel is easily mixed in comparison with other similar products. In motion/when mixing, this products stays viscous and once installed it stiffens up like a thick gel. The product is easy to pump and has already proven itself by bridging a length of 1,5 km.

Cebo Holland developed four different products which, in comparison with most conductive materials, do not contain any cement. Therefore if the power cable needs to be removed for any reason in the future, this will still be possible.

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