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Supply base with Mudplants and Storage facilities

Cebo operates supply bases with storage facilities in IJmuiden, Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth and Peterhead from where we can supply our customers 24/7. In IJmuiden we operate fully equipped Mudplants where we can mix and store (8000 cbm) different types of drilling fluids.

Furthermore, we can re-condition and shear drilling fluids. Our facilities have quay access and we can load drilling fluids or bulk materials like Baryte and Bentonite direct on supply vessels.

Cebo UK operates three strategically placed quayside bulk silo storage plants in the UK. In Aberdeen at Pocra Quay, we operate a plant with the largest storage capacity in the UK with over 3.500 metric tonnes. Further North in Peterhead at South Base we operate silo’s at Asco owned supply base with a total storage capacity of 2.200 metric tonnes. In addition, in Great Yarmouth at Gas House Quay we can store 2.100 metric tonnes.


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